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Stone Types


Also a stunning natural product. Granite is extremely hard and durable and comes in a large, ever changing variety of colours. Different stones have different hardness gradings and are priced accordingly. It is advised you individually select your slab/s to ensure you get the pattern and colour you desire.


Local wholesalers – Project Stone; WK Marble & Granite; Finestone; SNB Stone



Reconstituted Stones

The newest and most innovative form of bench top is the large range of reconstituted stone from a variety of suppliers. This stone is man-made from crushed granite and quartz and is on par with the natural stones in their beauty but also can be more resilient to breakages and more stain resistant. The colours are more consistant than the natural stones however there can be differences between batches.



Characteristics: Superior strength and flexibility; Chip & scratch-resistant; Impervious to stains; Resistant to chemicals, acids and solvents; Heat resistant, immune to freezing & thawing; Mould and mildew resistant; Harder than most natural stone, makes the product much easier to handle during fabrication, cutting and transport. Caesarstone offer a 10 year limited warranty. There is a large range of colours, textures and patterns. 94% natural product combining the strength, elegance and durability of nature. Its properties make it ideal for food preparation areas. Stain and scratch resistant and easy to maintain.


Caesarstone is available in large slab size and thickness which are ideally suited to kitchens and bathrooms, furniture and numerous commercial applications. 20mm or 30mm thicknesses.


Quantum Quartz

Quartz engineered (aggregate) stones combine two major ingredients: a natural mineral and glass, metal and oyster shells (the ‘filler’) and a resin (the ‘binder’), along with a range of additives. These are combined and then cast in a curing process to produce sheets of engineered stones. The main filler used in quartz-based engineered stones is quartz. In addition to this, coloured glass, oyster shells and metal are used to enhance the surface features of the stone. The proportion of quartz used varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Quantum Quartz® is made using a combination of 93% quartz, the remaining 7% is made up of resin, recycled coloured glass, oyster shells, colours and binders.Quantum Quartz offer a 10 year limited warranty.


Quantum Quartz® is a non-porous, easy-care engineered stone that can be worked and shaped in the same way as marble and granite. It doesn’t require sealing and is highly resistant to heat, chips, stains and scratches. The manufacturing process ensures uniformity of colour, and the finish has no veins, cracks or pores. Quantum Quartz® is available both in honed and highly glossy finishes, in slab and tile format.


A wide selection of colours, ranging from neutrals to bolds, is available.



SmartStone Quartz is made from around 95% natural quartz combined with advanced resins that make it remarkably durable and virtually maintenance free. The high quartz content gives a natural shine that requires no sealing or polishing. SmartStone engineered stone surfaces are highly resistant to staining, heat and cracking, designed to outperform natural stone and many manufactured alternatives. SmartStone Quartz – the smart choice for your kitchen benchtop, splashback, or other interior application.


SmartStone Marble is not recommended for kitchen counter top or other food application surfaces. SmartStone Marble is a luxurious range of marble surfaces combining the timeless beauty of marble with the superior performance of engineered stone and is made from 95% natural marble combined with advanced resins. This makes it remarkably durable and easy to work with compared to natural marble that must be processed around flaws and defects found in each slab. One of the biggest benefits offered by SmartStone Marble is its exceptional colour uniformity and pattern consistency. This consistency allows for unrestricted design flexibility as well a significant reduction in material wastage, all translated into a competitively priced product. SmartsStone Marble is particularly suitable for large area applications and lends itself beautifully to the creation of classic and contemporary interior spaces in the domestic and commercial environments. It is suitable for benchtop, flooring and wall cladding applications, window sills, columns, fireplaces and furniture. Marble SmartStone can be repolished in order to restore the original finish and shine.



UNIQUE COLOURS essa™ stone’s carefully designed colour collection perfectly coordinates with other leading brands of interior surfaces and Australia’s unique aesthetic.


  • SCRATCH RESISTANT Quartz is one of the hardest natural materials on earth, naturally resilient and durable.
  • STAIN RESISTANT Very low surface porosity prevents staining from spills.
  • HEAT RESISTANT The natural quartz gives essa stone superior heat resistance when compared to synthetic or laminate surfaces
  • STRENGTH Engineered into the composition, essa stone can be used in applications that challenge most natural stones
  • EASY CARE Unlike most natural stone surfaces, essa stone requires no sealing or special cleaning products
  • CHEMICAL RESISTANT essa stone is unaffected by most household chemicals, acid and oils
  • CONSISTENT QUALITY Unique technology and manufacturing techniques deliver excellence in every essa stone slab.
  • DESIGN DETAILS essa stone comes in one sheet size 3000mmx1400mmx20mm thick and can be fabricated in a variety of ways to achieve stunning looks.
  • EDGE PROFILES The following are examples of edge profiles that can be fabricated into the essa stone surface.



TrendStone Quartz is an engineered stone manufactured from up to 93% quartz and the balance made from polymer resins and pigments. Quartz is one of the hardest natural stones on earth, making TrendStone Quartz a naturally strong and non-porous product.


TrendStone Quartz offers the largest slabs currently available in our market at 3200 x 1600mm. Most other comparable quartz products are available in much smaller slabs that are only 3060 x 1440 mm. TrendStone Quartz Super Size slabs provide you with the ability to minimize unsightly joins in countertops and provide more economic cutting of your countertops that will save you money.


TrendStone Quartz slabs are available in 20 mm and 30 mm thicknesses. Your architect/designer/cabinet maker/stone fabricator should always confirm stock availability prior to specification.


TrendStone Quartz has carefully researched our market to offer you an outstanding collection of exciting colours most suitable for the production of your client’s quartz surfaces.


The high quality, large size slabs, and vast colour range of TrendStone Quartz slabs provides architects and designers with more options to explore their creative talents. Through superior strength, incredible colour range and Super Size slabs, TrendStone Quartz will be the preferred Quartz surface for your clients.


TrendStone Quartz is a strong non-porous product available in an exciting colour range, making it suitable for most interior surfaces in both residential and commercial applications. Most common applications are kitchen countertops and splashbacks, bathroom vanity tops, flooring and walls.


TrendStone Quartz slabs have the industry standard limited 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.